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Volunteer work at Argentina I.L.E.E. Spanish Schools

Argentina ILEE Volunteers Program

 The Argentina ILEE Volunteers Program offers our students the opportunity to combine a traditional study abroad language program with a part-time working experience in a community service project. Participants have the opportunity to acquire new skills by volunteering in many different capacities on  projects away from their native country..

Argentina ILEE Volunteers Program requirement to intern: Buenos Aires Spanish Language Schools

®      Be 18 or over.

®      Completed high school.

®      High intermediate or advanced Spanish  level.

®      Ability and confidence to interact in a multicultural environment.

®      Previous work experience related to your chosen Volunteers Program.

        Valid International Health Insurance.   

Argentina ILEE Volunteers Program Buenos Aires Spanish Language Schools

Spanish level required. Intermediate Level+, verified in an evaluation test at your arrival. Some organizations and companies require an Advanced Spanish level.

Spanish Language course. Participants must complete a minimum of 80 hours of group Spanish classes  before taking a position in the Volunteers Program. If a participant canít reach the required language level, he will take more weeks of Spanish Language program at our School until achieve a suitable language level.

Duration.  All position requires a minimum commitment of 8 weeks. No internship can exceed 1-year period.

Once completed a Volunteer program is it possible to do another one? Absolutely. Each time you complete a volunteer program you can ask to apply to another one. You donít need to course any Spanish Language Program after your first Volunteers Program.

Do I receive a certificate for the Argentina ILEE Volunteers Program? Of course. All completers of Argentina ILEE Volunteers Program receive a certificate given by the organization.

Cost: Argentina ILEE Volunteers Program  U$D 250


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