Only School geared towards adult students

Argentina I.L.E.E. Spanish Language School

Only school in where all teachers hold Masters degrees



Our Spanish Language Schools are dedicated exclusively to
teaching Spanish as a foreign language in Buenos Aires



References of former students from your country are available upon request. We would be glad to send them to you.



Michael, Lee, retired, 58,

Frederick, Morris, retired, 54,

Neil, McLaren, student, 25,

Paul, Moore, , 43,

Victoria, Moore, lawyer, 33,

Ian, Carmichael, , 38,

David, Lorch, , 30,

Ruth, Bailey, teacher, 40,

Nicola, Grieve, student, 31,

David, Ashley, teacher, 25,

Nichola, Ashley, social assistant, 22,

James, McEwen, banker, 30,

Romany, Gray, artist, 25,

Johanna, McGinn, student, 22,

Sarah, Fakray, student, 23,

Joe, Mulholland, , 23,

Shelley, Page, student, 20,

Sarah, King, manager, 25,

Susan, Leigh, retired, 65,

Morag, Neath, interpreter, 34,

Giles, Wolfe, engineer, 26, goņ

Elisa, Zaninetti, manager, 33,

Umberto, Griotti, student, 21,

Paul Mooney, Security consultant, 

Susan Cole, Financiere,,uk 

Neil Chowney, 

Sarah Semple, Legal editor, 

Fiona McLellan 

Trudy Keith, Manager,

John Franklin, 

Gilliam Spence

Michael Harvey

John Fenlon 

Howard David

Ben Brown, 

F.Morotti, Trader equity derivatives:

Andy Patterson, Pilot Royal Navy:

Cathy Durance, Lawyer,



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