Only School geared towards adult students

Argentina I.L.E.E. Spanish Language School

Only school in where all teachers hold Masters degrees



Our Spanish Language Schools are dedicated exclusively to
teaching Spanish as a foreign language in Buenos Aires


More references of former students from your country are available upon request. We would be glad to send them to you.


Ingrid, Klauser, fonoaudióloga, 31,

Claudia, Suter, student, 25,

Andreas, Kraehmann, shopkeeper, 30,

Christof, Niedermann, mechanic, 30,

Olivier, Stephanus, , 44,

Peter Gote,

Nicole Kistler,

Rahel Lischer,

Magdalena Bratschi Renfer,

Ingrid Klauser,

Katjia Wodiunig,

Christina Schoenenberger,

Rahel Widmer, 

Markus Fohn, Journalist, 

Franz Vogel, 

Marco Ineichen, Economist, 

Sarah Schmid 

Lara Dinello 

Gina Heller ( Bank for International Settlements,Basel ) :

Christine Travers, Project Coordinator IMD:

Carmen Schmidiger,

Sophie Cuendet,lawyer,

Thomas Krommenacker,finance,


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