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Argentina I.L.E.E. Spanish Schools offer specific programs for advanced levels, that integrate history, art and literature; programs specially composed for a deep and successful immersion in the Argentine culture.
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Argentina I.L.E.E. is one of the first schools of Spanish for foreigners in Argentina and has a permanent staff of professors with a high level of specialization and a maximum degree of coordination. Also, the teaching staff is constantly supervised by a pedagogical coordinator. This allows the educational system of Argentina I.L.E.E.Spanish Schools  to offer a solid internal structure that accompanies the learning process of students of all levels.

Our system of initial evaluation and  constant supervision of each student assures course is adjusted to the needs of each of the students of our schools. Furthermore, small groups allow  maximum attention to the difficulties as well as the progress of each one of the members.

Through its years of experience Argentina I.L.E.E. Spanish School has developed a method that successfully teaches students both grammar and oral communication skills approppriate for his or her level.  

Argentina I.L.E.E. Spanish Schools
use our own material, designed so that the student develops progressive understanding of  Spanish grammar and its uses in  speech. From the first classes the student will learn the correct grammar necessary to introduce himself or herself , to request and  give information, to make purchases, reservations, etc.

In the classes, grammar is introduced and put into practice through listening comprehension and role playing as well as written exercises. Thus, starting with the correct use of the language, the student will be able to actively participate in conversation outside the school. We consider the understanding of  grammar to be an essential tool, that enables the student to express himself or herself correctly, according to his or her  level.

Argentina I.L.E.E. Spanish Schools have established different levels (see detailed information) taking into account a student's initial level,the grammar study appropriate at that level ,and the hours necessary to complete that level. History of teaching Spanish in  Argentina  allows a structure of this kind, assuring our students a successful and solid learning of the language.

From the first levels we use informative material so the student gains a progressive understanding of the cultural context. Beginning with Intermediate level I  journalistic or historical texts, as well as those concerning the way of life in our country as a daily activity. This way  vocabulary is extended, linguistic interchanges between the students are generated and cultural and historical contents are deepened. The cultural activities suggested by the school are offered with the purpose of assisting the student to acquire an integral understanding of the Argentine social cultural development.

In levels intermediate III and advanced I and II, the students participate in more formal communicative situations.
At those levels, as it is done when studying history and literature, they have interviews, take notes during lectures, expose a subject to their classmates, work with audio and video material of different degrees of complexity and of thematic diversity. The material used for advanced levels is selected from what is of current use for a native Argentinian with a university degree or superior education.

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