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Our Spanish Language Schools are dedicated exclusively to
teaching Spanish as a foreign language in Buenos Aires

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Spanish Language School in Buenos Aires Argentina
Argentina I.L.E.E Spanish Language Schools
are well-known and recommended worldwide.
Our main school is located in the very centre of Buenos Aires.
We are pleased to offer you our courses of Spanish Language for Foreigners in Argentina.
Our Spanish Language Schools are dedicated exclusively to teaching Spanish as a foreign language in Buenos Aires and  Patagonia (Bariloche). Only School geared towards adult students. Only school in where all teachers hold Master degrees.


We promise the best, cost-effective programme.
We are the only argentinian language schools in where all the teachers
hold a University of Buenos Aires Masters degree, either in Literature or Education, and have taught Spanish as a foreign language for more than 3 / 5 years. Why is this important ? Because you need spend less time with us but learn as much Spanish as you would elsewhere in double the time (and cost).

Study Spanish in Buenos Aires, Argentina 




Materials for the entire program
Broad band-high speed internet.Wifi.
1 free Touristic Activity a week
Placement test
Weekly evaluations Certificate
No-limit free cafeteria during classes
Detailed and comprehensive
pre-travel info.
Dozens of individual e-mail addresses of former students of our school to contact before committing.

I.L.E.E. Patagonia (Bariloche)Spanish Programs in Patagonia

Bariloche, a small town surrounded by lakes, valleys and forests in the Andes Range.
One of the most important tourist city of Argentina, called "The Switzerland of South America", offers you the apportunity to learn Spanish and enjoy its beautiful nature.

I.L.E.E. Partner School Bolivia

Our goal is to introduce students to our customs, traditions and lifestyle through the Spanish Language. The language skills and cultural knowledge that you acquire will make your stay in Sucre more enjoyable and enrich your travels in South America.

Only at Argentina I.L.E.E. all own schools and locations use the same method, the same books, the same program, and have the  same quality of teachers.
We guarantee 100 % consistant programs no matter how many of our locations you select.
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Argentina I.L.E.E.

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