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Argentina ILEE Internship Program  

The Argentina ILEE Internship Program offers  our students the opportunity to combine a traditional study abroad language program with a part-time working experience. Participants gain professional work experience through overseas training. Interns have the opportunity to acquire new skills while gaining a better appreciation of the culture and values of Argentina

 Argentina ILEE Internship Program is open to all ages from 18+ in all spheres of professional and vocational activity. Thyese work placements are key to  developing useful skills. This program gives students the opportunity to experience intimately the culture and society of Argentina.

Why Argentina ILEE Internship Program?

To explore possibilities.
Youíll have the opportunity to explore an available professional area in a real-life experience and make contacts for potential employment

 To gain perspective. Working in a foreign country can provide the opportunity to join a team, evaluate your performance and compare different points of view.

 To learn throgh experience Youíll have the opportunity to improve your Spanish skills and to perform a variety of tasks in the work field youíve chosen.   

    Argentina ILEE Internship Program requirement to interns:

  •   Be 18 or over.

  •   Completed high school.

  •   High intermediate or advanced Spanish level.

  •   Ability and confidence to interact in a multicultural environment.

  •   Previous work experience related to your chosen internship program.

  •   Valid International Health Insurance.

Whatís an internship?

An internship is a temporary period of time spent working in an organization or company in a position related to the areas of Business, Communications, Education, Medicine, Arts and Humanities, etc.  All of the interships are non-paid because no working visa is required. The Argentina ILEE Internship Program provides practical experiences in  work-based setting allowing interns to develop new skills and self-confidence.

 Spanish level required. Intermediate Level+, verified in an evaluation test at  arrival. Some organizations and companies require an Advanced Spanish level.

 Spanish Language course. Participants must complete a minimum of 40 hours of group Spanish  before taking a position in the Internship Program. If a participant canít reach the required language level, he or she must continue our Spanish Language program  until achieving a suitable language level.

 Duration.  All positions require a minimum commitment of 8 weeks. No internship can exceed 1 year period.

Is it possible to do another internship after completing the first ? Absolutely. Each time you complete an internship you can  apply to another internship program. You donít need to course any Spanish Language Program after your first internship program.

Do I receive a certificate for the Argentina ILEE Internship Program? Of course. All participants who completer the  Argentina ILEE Internship Program receive a certificate .Participants also receive an objective report by their employer.

 Cost: Argentina ILEE Internship Program 

 (*) Classes registration fee, 2 weeks group Spanish classes, 2 weeks homestay with 2 meals, Internship placement fee and airport pick-up.
Please add cost of accomodation if you choose to use our accommodation service after your classes'  weeks .

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