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Our Spanish Language Schools are dedicated exclusively to
teaching Spanish as a foreign language in Buenos Aires



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Spanish language school in Santiago de Chile
 Our Spanish Language Schools are dedicated exclusively to teaching Spanish as a foreign language in CHILE and ARGENTINA: Buenos Aires and Bariloche in   Patagonia
 You can combine your Spanish classes. Teaching method, levels, all materials, books and the teaching quality are the same at all our locations. We always guarantee the best service.
You can take our Spanish language programs starting any day, throughout the whole year.

Our Spanish school in Chile
is located in one of the most beautiful boroughs of Santiago de Chile called Providencia.
The majority of hotels, commercial, banking and entertainment areas are located in this borough. This zone constitutes an important commercial, industrial, cultural and communication center for the country.

Our school in Chile has all facilities, well-equipped classrooms, and a student room for class breaks, to talk, drink coffee and read magazines or newspapers, sharing experiences with other students. Audio/video systems and a computer lab, free Internet access, videos and computers.



Spanish programs in Chile at all levels
: from beginner students without previous knowledge of Spanish language to advanced students developing existing language skills.
Before your first class, you will take a level test to determine the Spanish language level. Students will receive a certificate and diploma at the end of the Spanish program.

Our teaching methodology is based on conversation. Different kind of activities and exercises to acquire and perfect language skills of listening, reading, speaking and writing Spanish fluently. From the initial level evaluation the students have a constant supervision of our staff of teachers. They are highly trained to identify the difficulties as well as the progress of each student.

Conversational exercises, reading informative materials, written exercises, actively participate speaking and listening, progressive understanding of the cultural context, journalistic, historical texts, understanding the way of life of the local people, interviews, take notes during lectures, expose a subject to their classmates, work with audio and video material, formal communicative situations, completing the successful immersion in the local culture with our cultural activities program.
All teachers have university degree in Education or Literature, fully experienced in teaching Spanish language to foreign students. Our team of teachers has been carefully selected, according to their academic qualifications, experience and personality.


Program A. 
20 Group classes a week.
U$D 185 per week.

Program B
Private classes U$D 20 per class. 
Program C :
20 group plus 10 private classes.
U$D 365 per week.

DELE : U$D 350

Registration fee: US$70. It includes materials and books for all the program, airport pick-up, placement test, certificate.
E-mail and Internet free (wireless - WI-FI System).
The Registration fee covers all these services at all our locations

Spanish courses in Chile

- Weekly excursions in Santiago and extracurricular activities are also included in the course price.
- All classes in Chile (group and private lessons) are 45 minutes long


our host families are located close to the school, in Providencia borough, one of the upper-class boroughs in Santiago de Chile.
Homestay has the advantage that you can practice your Spanish all the time and know more about our culture. Providencia is a beautiful and calm district to enjoy your stay in Chile.
All families have been carefully selected and are monitored so that your home stay experience is to your complete satisfaction. Living standards are either similar than in Europe or North America.
Comfortable private rooms, with breakfast included at home.

                           U$D 160 per week


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