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Advanced level 1 : 80 classes

For students who do not make mistakes in neither the use of the manners and verbal times, nor in the syntactic construction of the phrases. Besides the correct grammatical forms, a student of this level should be able to produce oral and writing texts adapted to the communicative situation and to understand native speakers no matter which regional variety of Spanish they speak.

  • Having finished this level, the student will be able to:

  • Use formal structures in oral and written texts.

  • Carry out a formal oral explanation on a topic of his interest for an extended period of time.

  • Produce coherent and correctly written non fictional texts on topics of his interest, making a
    correct use of punctuation.

  • Make notes while listening to a native speaker who is present or whose voice is recorded).

  • Carry our an argument in oral and written forms.

  • Understand informal, regional uses of Argentine Spanish (regional expressions and slang).

  • Understand and to critically perceive the messages of the mass media.

  • To read complex texts on his own (such as scientific texts, journalistic editorials, notes of opinion, notes of
     interest, history texts, literary texts).

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