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offers you the possibility to continue your Argentina I.L.E.E. Buenos Aires academic program offering the same qualities (method, materials and teachers)
Please click below for information and advantages of continuing your program while enjoying the natural environment and many other outdoor activities. 
All this goes together with your continuous learning and improvement of Spanish.



     Córdoba is the perfect combination between
       a big city with history and beautiful nature. 
       Mountains, lakes, and rivers.

Prices: Please ask

Program A:    

Type of Program: Group classes.
Frequency: 20 classes a week (4 hours per day).
Length of each class: 60 minutes per class.

Max. students per class: 6 students.
Average of students per class: 3 students.

Program B: 

Type of Program: Private classes.
Frequency: from 10 to 40 classes a week.

Length of each class: 60 minutes per class.

Program C: 

Type of Program: Group + private classes.
Frequency: 20 group classes a week + 10 private classes a week.

Length of each class: 60 minutes per class.
Max. students per group class: 6 students.
Average of students per group class: 3 students.

Note: for Advanced and Superior level we recommend private classes. Students of these levels should be exposed only to native perfect Spanish and may focus classes on specific disciplines.
Group classes for these levels are subject to availability.                                                 



Argentina I.L.E.E. arranges homestay in Argentine middle-class homes.
Private room. Breakfast and dinner included.

Private room:
(breakfast and dinner included, 7 nights).-
Double room:
(breakfast and dinner included, 7 nights, price per double room, not per person).


Social-Cultural-Tourist ActivitiesCordoba Argentina

  • Tango and Argentine Folk dance
  • Argentine cooking classes
  • Guided Tour around Historical Centre (colonial patrimony, religious and local architecture )
  • History Way : Royal Way to Alto Peru ("estancias", villages, gaucho posts, churches)
  • Trek the path of the High Peaks of the Volcanoes and the Tunnels
  • Quebrada de los Condoritos National Park. (see the Condor: biggest bird on earth)
  • Climbing Cerro Champaqui, 2800 metres high
  • Riding horses in the wilderness, Argentine "asados"(barbecue), trekking, parapente(parachute), fishing, photographic safaris, 4x4 vehicles excursions, mountain bike,etc.
  • Sport Fishing
  • Jesuit relics.                        More.....

Popularly known as "La Docta", Córdoba is the capital city of the homonimous province. This historical city was born due to the wish of linking The Alto Perú with The Río de la Plata in the so-called Camino Real.
Córdoba is the second biggest city in Argentina and the most important one in the central region of the country. The relief has a slight steep slope towards the Sierras Chicas in the valley of the Suquía River and the average maximum temperature is 24º C, the minimum being 11º C.
Tourist destination chosen because of its history and impressive landscapes, Córdoba has attractive and surprising places for the visitor.
A straight way of getting to this city is by plane arriving at Pajas Blancas International Airport.
Córdoba is called La Docta due to the fact that there are important universities here, and also "Ciudad de las Campanas" (The City of the Bells) because both Franciscans and Dominicans built up many churches.
It puts together the typical attractions of big cities with a lifestyle in contact with nature.
Along the streets and avenues, one can admire the colonial architecture as well as modern buildings and charming green areas such as Parque Sarmiento, which was designed at the end of the XIX Century.
Córdoba is also an important industrial center where there is a strong production in the metallurgical branch, being the most outstanding factories The Military Factory of Planes and the Kaiser and Fiat Companies.
Tourists can go on amusing tours that include San Martín Square, the hundred-year-old Cathedral, the historical Cabildo (Chapter House), Trejo's House and different museums.
It's a city to be fully enjoyed. 

    Province of Cordoba Argentina


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