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Spanish language school in Sucre, Bolivia

We work hard to allow you to fully experience our vibrant Latin American culture.
Together students, teachers and school staff form one big family.
We invite you to come and join us here in Bolivia.!!

Our goal is to introduce students to our customs, traditions and lifestyle through the Spanish Language. The language skills and cultural knowledge that you acquire will make your stay in Sucre more enjoyable and enrich your travels in South America.

Our teachers are young, qualified professionals, well experienced in teaching Spanish. They also have other professions such as: English, Quechua and French teachers, lawyers, tour guides, engineers, economists, agronomists and others.
Teachers accompany students in additional activities at the school and on short trips around Sucre, allowing you to experience the daily life, natural beauty and reality of our country.

We think an excellent way for students to practice Spanish , inmerse themselves in Bolivian culture and exchange experiences is to live with a Bolivian family.



We have several large classrooms with natural light, that accommodate individual or group study. Many of our classrooms face the Parque Bolivar, one of Sucre’s historical and beautiful park.
The school has a big backyard where we offer activities such as : dance classes and meetings usually on Friday nights we have a barbecue (BBQ) and share chuflays
(a spiritual Bolivian drink) or pisco sours.
Also we have a sunny terrace which can serve as an outdoor classroom or as a nice place to relax and get a tan! Another important place in the school is the cafeteria where we offer free snacks during your class-break!
At the cafeteria you can share a coffee with your teacher and also enjoy our seasonal fruits.
Our Bolivian cooking classes are held here.
We also have a video classroom for students; here you can practice your visual & listening skills watching films in Spanish or listening to songs from Bolivia and South America. The video classroom is available every day during the week.



Spanish courses in Bolivia

We also offer FREE-INTERNET service for students during the day time. The school also has a Library with Spanish books and a book exchange where you can trade books in various languages


Classes are four (4) hours long. Each class is divided into two hours of grammar and two hours of practice: conversation, listening, writing and any activity or situations in which the student needs to interact using Spanish.
The students have a 15 minute break when they can talk with other students and teachers and enjoy free snacks in the school’s cafeteria.
Classroom material for each level of study includes audio-visual material, written exercises, activities and Latin American films and music.
Advanced students also study literature and Bolivian or South American history.

Cost: Please ask. Includes 20 group classes + homestay in private room including breakfast & dinner.


Daily classes of 6 hours; 4 hours in the morning and 2 hours in afternoon corresponding to a 30 hour load a week and 120 hours a month.
The classes will be 2 hours grammar and 2 hours practice, including: conversation, writing, listening as well as activities outside the school. The last 2 hours (afternoon) will be destinated to practice in different activities like: reading, debates, discussions, analysis or a critic to an specific topic. And of course everything about Bolivian culture.
There are also activities outside the school, to practice conversation and vocabulary.
Students can have different activities having a closer approach to the people and the city.
The program includes lodging (7day a week) two meals per day (breakfast and lunch). And you can also choose the program without lodging

Cost :  Please ask. Includes 30 group classes + homestay in private room including breakfast & dinner


While you are in Sucre , we want you to enjoy a living situation that fits to your personal needs and where you will feel comfortable. As such we are happy to arrange either a homestay with a Bolivian host family for you, helping you selecting your own lodging at a local hostel / hotel.
One of the best ways to learn Spanish and get a first hand perspective of Bolivian culture is to live with a Bolivian family.Living with a family in Sucre, you will have the opportunity to get to know our country’s customs, traditions, and typical food in a unique manner unavailable to most tourists.Students living with a family will have their own bedroon and share other areas at home with their host family. Depending on your preference and schedule, you may choose to have both breakfast and lunch with your host family or breakfast only. Host family homes are generally located within easy walking distance of the school or downtown.

If you prefer to live independently, we are happy to advice you on the various accomodations available to you in Sucre and help you to select the one wich best fits to your needs, whether it be a budget hostal or a luxury hotel.
Also we help you to find an independent room or small apartment full furniture according to your needs.



The School provides the opportunity to do volunteer work with various organizations, which correspond to your interest, vocation and time. We have contacts with diversity on non-profit and/or charitable organizations. These include the Sucre psychiatric hospital, the psycho-pedagogical institute, local orphanages, daycare centers, women’s aid groups and child laborer educations centers.


 Bolivian history and culture

Requirements - In order to participate in our volunteer work program, students should meet the following requirements:

      1.- Students should have at least a basic to intermediate level of Spanish, both understanding and speaking. For students arriving without any prior Spanish, this can typically be accomplished in 2 – 6 weeks of Spanish study, depending on the student’s ability, and hours of study each week.

      2.- Students must make a written request for a volunteer position accompanied by their resume or curriculum vitae.

*Students needs to stay at least for 4 weeks (one month) to be able to work with one of the Institutions.

The school will forward this information to the different organizations with whom we work in order to secure an appropriate volunteer position for the students. 


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